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Cash in on your scrap metal

Competitive prices and a collection service in Northampton make us the first choice for metal recycling.

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Paying competitive prices for metal in Northampton

Perrett’s Metal Recycling accepts both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and offer competitive prices for it!

Whether you’re a domestic, commercial or industrial customer with a lot or a little to recycle, you’re welcome here.

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Taking care of large quantities with our collection service

Our scrap metal collection service covers all of Northampton. Whether you have too much metal to carry over or have a large object you’re having difficulty shifting, we have the tools and equipment to take it for you.

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Make a visit to our scrap yard

Pop in for a quick and simple metal recycling service. Please bring ID with you as, by law, all customers require an account and a paper record of the amount you’re scrapping. No appointment necessary.

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It pays to have scrap metal lying around.
Call us on 01604 769 360